Do you think I should get my budgie a friend?

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I have a 1 to 1-1/2 year old budgie named Sunny. He’s very sweet and playful, but he can be shy and a little cautious at times too. He has a decent sized cage, and I get him out daily. I often just let him hang out at my computer with my while I do school work (I’m cyber schooled). Also, he’s very small, like the runt. He hasn’t grown much since we got him, and it doesn’t look like he’s ever gonna get bigger. He’s very well taken care of though, and seems very happy and healthy.

I made the mistake of putting a mirror in his cage, and he became wayyy too attached to it. He was always regurgitating to it, and all his food was piling up on the bottom of his cage :/ He also lost interest in coming out of his cage, and sometimes got a little nippy when I’d try to get him out. I took the mirror away, and he seems a little bored now. He has a nice variety of toys, and he still gets out a lot.

I’m thinking of getting another budgie though. Do you think he would get along with a new friend? Seeing how he bonded with the mirror, I think he’d be alright, but I’d hate to get another bird and them not get along. It would kill me if something happened to him. And since he’s smaller than most average budgies, I’d worry there might be a dominance issue or aggression towards him since he’s just a little guy.

I’d want another male, and I’ve read they can get along very well. I don’t want a female because I don’t wanna have to worry about mating. Also, would the males still sing? Sunny sings all the time and my mom and I love it. His songs are beautiful, and I’d hate to lose that.

I understand you have to introduce them slowly, as I’ve read up on it quite a bit. We have a spare cage that I could use with food/water bowls, perches, and toys. I know most of the main things when introducing a new bird, but any helpful tips are welcomed.

This question might seem a little dumb, but does color matter? I’ve seen some bonded pairs who are the same color, or close to it. So do similar colors bond better, or is color irrelevant?

So overall I’m just looking for opinions. Do you think I should get another budgie? Do you think two males would get along? Would his size be a problem? Would they still sing? Is color an important factor when getting another budgie? Thanks in advance! :)


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  1. ms bell on May 13th, 2010 9:31 pm

    Don’t get another budgie unless you want one. You said Sunny seems happy and healthy, and that you interact with him daily. If you want another budgie, make sure to quarantine it for at least one month. Hopefully, your spare cage is large enough for a budgie. If not, then buy a larger cage so the new budgie will be comfortable.

    Sunny will chirp more with another budgie around. He will most likely bond closer to the new budgie than to you. If you don’t mind this happening, then you can consider getting another budgie. If you want to keep Sunny close to you, then don’t get another budgie.

    I would plan on housing them in different cages from the start. You can place the two cages next to each other after the quarantine period is over. You can also have the two play together outside of the cage when the new budgie is tame. You can house them together, if you choose, after seeing them getting along playing outside of the cage. If they get too aggressive with each other, then they’ll need to housed separately on a permanent basis.

    Some males get along very well with one another, while others don’t get along being housed together. Size and color of your budgies don’t affect whether or not they’ll get along. Also, color has nothing to do with how long your budgie will live or how it will behave. I’ve had outgoing and shy budgies of all different colors/mutations. I hope this information will help you better decide whether or not to buy another budgie.

  2. Dani on May 13th, 2010 9:53 pm

    Yes, he could probrably lonley inside, just get him a friend so he wont be alone and youre not there to play with him

  3. Utsuho on May 13th, 2010 9:55 pm

    Personally, I think you are a good enough friend for him! He sounds very happy to have such a caring owner. Unless you are spending less time with Sunny, you may decide to give him a friend to keep him company. If you really want Sunny to get a male friend, look out for a parakeet older than 6 months with a blue cere (the fleshy nose part, if Sunny is male then look for a parakeet with the same nose color as him.)

    There’s nothing to worry about with keeping two males in the same cage. In fact fights between males are rare! Females are the ones that show aggression towards another female or male. (they are more territorial.) Just keep a close eye on them during their early times together. From my experiences raising some parakeets, some may act hostile towards a newcomer. Size shouldn’t be an issue. And as long as the other parakeet is active and singing, Sunny will chirp away along with him like no tomorrow! Also the color does not matter at all.

    Good luck if you decide to get Sunny a new friend!

  4. Miss Tigger on May 13th, 2010 10:44 pm

    i wood get one but of the same sex and idk if color means anything

  5. justin on May 13th, 2010 11:41 pm

    i think u should get it a friend cause its lonely and it wants a friend you would’nt want to be lonly in a cage 24,7 i got my cockatiels a friend and now she does’nt bite me and whistles a lot.

  6. kim on May 14th, 2010 12:28 am

    parakeets are natural community birds they love being around other parakeets. my 5 parakeets flock and stay together all of the time. they all sing together. i love hearing all 5 of them chirp to each other. and chirp all together. my 2 males love each other they are constantly with each other. they groom each other. they even kiss haha. wierd but they love each other. female parakeets suprisingly dont like to breed unless its spring time and the conditions are perfect! they have to be in such a specific mood. dont put a nesting box in the cage and they wont think about breeding. they breed when their surroudings say to breed. so research up on breeding triggers. my females have no interest in it. they just love flying around being birds. :) females and males have a special bond. but males are friends for life. either is a wonderful choice. :) my yellow females name is sunny as well. excellent name!

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